Masdar Demo Day - Shortlisted Companies


For those whose work shapes the built environment, who need to understand the impacts, trade-offs and nuances of the decisions they make, Replica is a data platform that makes complex, rapidly-changing urban ecosystems easier to understand.


Ori ́s goal is to empower people to live large in a small footprint. We believe spaces should expand and adapt to our lives, that smarter spaces can provide us with the flexibility we need, and deliver the experience we want, by transforming effortlessly—almost magically. At Ori, we create these spaces.

Form Energy

The electric grid now faces a challenge: how to manage the multi-day variability of renewable energy without sacrificing reliability or cost. We are developing a multi-day energy storage technology that will enable the grid to run on low-cost renewables year-round. Our pioneering battery technology will entirely reshape the global electric system and give it new form.


Digital proof-of-concept for how to design and manufacture a tall timber building. This two-part blog series unpacks our key findings. buildings-could-work-in-cities


Under the slogan, "Electric cars for all," Ample is a startup seeking to solve the challenge of charging electric cars through automation and smart batteries, having already developed in this field a pioneering battery charging system that charges vehicles in just minutes.


Belmont Technology is revolutionizing Oil and Gas E&P by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable unlimited, real-time, economically constrained geological model iterations.

Sidewalk labs infrastructure

Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) is a holding company that pioneers technology-enabled infrastructure to transform urban life and create long-term value.


Voltserver is developing an innovative power distribution platform based on the company's patented Digital Electricity. Its solutions safely deliver electricity where, when, and how it is needed, using off-the-shelf data cable, at significantly reduced cost, and with greater speed, power, distance, efficiency, and flexibility, when compared to competing electrical installations.


Udelv builds the world’s most experienced autonomous delivery vehicles


Delve empowers real estate teams to design better, faster, with less risk, using generative design and AI to reveal the very best options for your project priorities. Delve generates data-driven options that outperform benchmarks and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Delve instantly generates thousands of options and lets you easily compare them.

Begas Motor

Begas Motor brings alternative fuel solutions to the freight and public urban transportation sectors. The company is focused on developing an engine for industrial vehicles that will provide the market an eco-friendly, affordable, and efficient solution.